Charles Tzu Wei Chiang

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Charles Tzu Wei Chiang  / Assistant Professor

Education Background:

  • D.   The University of Tokyo, Japan
  • AUD.   Columbia University, USA
  • Arch.   University of New South Wales, Australia


Professional Experience:

Charles worked globally, Perkins + Will in New York, Sou Fujimoto Architects and Kengo Kuma Associates in Tokyo, Urban Regeneration Center in Taipei, and experienced in various scale of design projects and competitions. He solo traveled around the world for 2 years and self-learnt architecture and urban environment from 75 countries; Prior to current position, he worked as senior planner for Taipei city government and responsible for projects including design of social housing and development of urban regeneration. His research regarding resettle housing in Taiwan aims to define new relationship between local culture / living behavior / architectural design. Charles actively participates international design competition and has received awards such as A’Award from Italy, eVolo, IDA from USA, Volume Zero from India, CODE from Italy. Design thinking and operation methodology has also been researched to explore possibilities from process of design development.


Research Fields:

  • Architectural planning
  • Urban design
  • Urban regeneration
  • Social housing
  • Aging society
  • International design competition


Teaching Courses: (Chinese/English)

  • Methodology of design development
  • Planning of social housing in Taiwan
  • Living style of elderly in Taiwan
  • Operation of international competition


Research Publication:

  • Charles Chiang,Application of Open Building Theory for Architectural Planning in Relation to Family Life Cycle,Architectural Institute of Taiwan,2019
  • Charles Chiang,Site Observation and Analysis for Application of Teaching in Architectural Design,Architectural Institute of Taiwan Conference,2019
  • Charles Chiang,Otsuki Toshio,Space Arrangement of Entertainment Facility Regarding of Elderly Behavior in Taiwan,Architectural Institute of Japan Conference,2016
  • Charles Chiang,Otsuki Toshio,Behavior of Elderly in Relation to Circulation Movement,Architectural Institute of Japan Conference,2015
  • Charles Chiang,Otsuki Toshio,A System of Elderly Gathering Platform in TaipeiArchitectural Institute of Japan Conference,2014


Competition Awards:

  • Charles Chiang,A’ Design Award & Competition,Honorable Mention,Italy,2019
  • Charles Chiang,Alejandro Moreno,eVolo skyscraper Competition,Honorable Mention,USA,2019
  • Charles Chiang,Alejandro Moreno,IDA: International Design Awards,Bronze Prize,USA,2019
  • Charles Chiang,Alejandro Moreno,CODE: Competition for Designers,Winner,Italy,2019



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Office: RB-809-2

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