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Charles Tzu Wei Chiang

Assistant Professor. Ph.D. The University of Tokyo, Japan
Research field:
Architectural planning / Urban design / Urban regeneration / Public housing / Theory of aging society / International competition

Phone: +886-2-2730-3213
Research Room: RB809-2

Meng-Ting Tsai

Meng-Ting Tsai
Assistant Professor. Ph.D. University of Tokyo, Japan
E-mail :
Phone:886-2-2730-3212 Research Room:RB-914

Architectural Thinking Studio

What role should architecture play in the 21st century? Facing the increasingly clear trend of professional division of labor, how architectural practitioners can be self-positioning? Having lost past certainty and moving towards an uncertain future, we have to have a deeper reflection on architecture, which we are dedicated to. Architectural thinking studio will take the architectural design as the core issues through a variety of research topics to explore architectural thinking.

Position Announcement:Dean, College of Design

Nominations and applications should be sent by email, fax, or regular mail, before March 22, 2016


Chinese/ English student guidlines for new students

Julie C. Chen

Assistant Professor- M. Arch, Columbia University, LEED AP BD+C
Phone: +886-2733-3141 ext. 6359
Research Room: RB-809B

Yan-Ting Chen

Assistant Professor –M.S. in Communication Design, Pratt Institute, New York
Research Room:RB702

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