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List of Courses Offered in English Over the Years

This table is The List of Courses Offered in English Over the Years, provide students with reference.

Student Shao-Yue Chen and Chian-Shiang Luo won silver medal in the “2012 Intelligent Green Building Design Competition”, with the guidance of professor architecture, Cheng-Li Cheng.

“Greenhouse movement”, mainly using smart architectural system, helps to adjust indoor comfortability and lighting. It is also our hope to create renewable energy and reach the goal of building zero-carbon structures through this competition.

Student Shin-Tian Wu, Shin-Hua Chang, Yu-Sin Lin and Rui-En Chang won championship in the “2012 Sunty Architectural Competition”, with the guidance of professor architecture, Wei-Yi Lee.

“Guard” as the main design concept, “placement” as the image, “peace” is achieved through proper placement of people; shockproof system, sound proof and protection are utilized to ensure safety of the residents. “Prosperity” is achieved through proper placement of culture; localized elements are used in the design of shops, landscape and planting to integrate with [...]

Professor of architecture, Kong-Jen Tu and Professor of management, finance, Kuang-Di Chang cooperated and instructed two teams of students to participate in the “2012 Youth Creative Mosquito Control Competition”, creativity by student An-Chi Cheng, Fu-Shiung Yang, Yu-Lun Cheng, Yi-Chen Lin and Pei-Chen Hung are graded excellent, and student Chi-Chuang Liu, Chen-Lin Kuo, Han-Wen Liu, Ya-Ting Hsu, Ya-Shian Peng and Po-Jing Cheng are graded good.

National Youth Commission, Executive Yuan organized the “2012 Youth Creative Mosquito Control Competition” to invite youth nationwide to help recovering the vitality of the living premises and fully activate it to reach sustainability. There are 11 participating living premises this year, and 123 proposals are received from across Taiwan. After many rounds of preliminary and [...]

Students of architecture participates in the “New Taipei City Urban Renovation and Maintenance Competition” and received recognition for their excellent work

In addition to urban reconstruction, improvement on the living environment can also be achieved through renovation and maintenance, and beautifying of the city. The buildings that are qualified for this contest must be 15 years and older located within New Taipei City, and contestants are free to choose from these buildings to design their proposals. [...]

Professor of Architecture, Cheng-Li Cheng, professor Yi-Xun Chiu and instructor Qun-Feng Tai led students to participate in “Kaohsiung Housing Creative Design Competition” organized by Kaohsiung City Government. Students Shao-Ming Chen, You-Lin Chian, Po-Jun Chen, Hu-Shu Hsieh are awarded first place, team of Jun-Feng Tai, Jia-Yu Yang, Jing-Hung Lin and Chi-Wei Wan, and team of Chian-Hui Tang, Ying-Ru Chen, You-Han Hu and Yan-Zhi Liu are awarded excellent works

Life in Kaohsiung is closely related to the ocean, fishing and aquaculture have been important industries; seaports, boating and water sports are the memories that people share in this city. There has been an outflow of population due to the increased urbanization and industrialization in recent years, which caused the problem of aging population and [...]

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