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Kung-Jen Tu

Associate Professor. Ph.D., School of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Phone:886-2-2730-6512 Research Room:RB-905

Yi-Kai Juan

Professor. Ph.D at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Phone:886-2-2730-6658 Research Room:RB-704

I-Hsu Chiu

Associate Professor. D.P.L.G. de l’Ecole d’Architecture de Paris La Villette up6
Phone:886-2-2730-3286 Research Room:RB-904


Associate Professor. PhD in Building Performance and Diagnostics. Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh.
Phone:886-2-2737-6358 Research Room:RB-802


The department of architecture was established in 1991.The institute developed from the architecture program since the time of Taiwan institute of Technology. It was formerly known as “Engineering Technology Research institute of Architectural Design Technology course of study group”. In 1996, it was renamed “The graduate of architecture program of engineering technology” and dedicated to strengthen the faculty and resources.


In order to provide a modern architectural education which fits Taiwan, our department not only planned a diversified and convertible mechanism, but also integrated the training of practical skills and academic knowledge to make students appreciate the interaction between architecture and social environment, and then trigger their motivations to learn the relevant professionalism.

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