2019 Kyushu Social Exchange

2019 Kyushu University Internation Social Exchange Report


2019 COMPUTATIONAL DESIGN OF COMPLEX ARCHITECTURAL FORMS WORKSHOP Date:11/2 – 11/4 Location:NTUST,Research Building Computer Centre (RB509) We have the honor of inviting Long Nguyen from ICD to run a C# workshop. Long is an active researcher and academic tutor in Computational Design, Digital Fabrication, and BIM. He participated in two Zaha Hadid Architects projects as […]

Gary Siebein’s speech on Museum Acoustics, Acoustics for Musical Performance and Educational Facilities

Gary W. Siebein is a registered architect in the United States, specializing in architectural design, environmental design, architectural acoustics and environmental control. He has 30 years of experience working in architectural acoustics, and currently teaches in Florida State University. In addition to his profession in architectural acoustics, his working and teaching experience allowed him to […]

The Second International Symposium on Plumbing System in East Asia

Countries in Southeast Asia are the main invitees to attend this symposium. Scholars and experts from both domestic and abroad are gathered here to give speeches and share their research papers, providing advanced researchers, technical experts and other relevant staff a platform and the opportunity to share information. It is also used to promote advanced […]

Archipacker – 101 NTUST Archi Student Exhibition

“Travel” refers to “traveling around places with our five senses, dare to feel and dare to have no expectations”; “archi” (architecture) means “to achieve our goal and profession with strategies, and to realize our dreams”, and “packer” represents “everything we own in the energy and dreams we possess, and when we open that suitcase, we […]

Alumni of England Discussion Series 2012

The purpose of “Alumni of England Discussion Series 2012” is to provide detailed information on studying abroad in England through experience and profession sharing of these Alumni in England, and to further professional knowledge for everyone in attendance. “Architecture” is the topic specially picked by the British Council for this year, and alumni with such […]

The Eighth Creative Campus Environmental Makeover Contest

We hope to transform the atmosphere and qualities of our campus through inter-fields cooperation in the redesign of this environment combing nature and culture, and the application of creative thinking and hands-on practice.

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