The Sixth Student Landscape Architecture Design Contest of Taiwan Institute of Landscape Architecture

This Student Landscape Architecture Design Contest is organized in order to ensure seamless connection between landscape architecture and actual practices, and provide excellent interaction and exchange among relevant departments, as well as cultivate outstanding landscape architecture professionals to actualize the sustainability of our environment.

International Contest of Green Housing 2011

The creator of Green Roof Design was invited by New Taipei City Government to plan and participate in this international contest, in the hope to find outstanding work and give awards and recognition accordingly. This contest is open for participation from both public and private contestants in all countries, and they have the freedom to […]

Emerging Artist Programme 2012 at the Bamboo Curtain Studio

The Bamboo Curtain Studio has been organizing emerging artist program since 2009 with the purpose in providing a space and allocating time to allow experimental work, cooperation and research by creative artists.

The Fifth Golden Shoe Award Contest – “Transformation X Fashion”

The theme for the Fifth Golden Shoe Award Contest is “Transformation X Fashion”. We look forward to seeing contestants to craft classic interpretation of the fashion industry with innovative thinking, and the winner submitted through our event website will be awarded with $300,000 NT dollars! Submissions are accepted from September 15th through November 15th.

Drawing Contest 2011 – The Beauty of the Mine

Art is the witness to our beautiful land and proof of our caring for the local villages. It helps to record the landscape and hospitality of the wonderful “Shui, Chin, Jiou” area; it further promotes the artistic charm of the mountain village, and elevates the image and qualities of the mine as well as increases […]

Creative Landscape Design Contest along Chungli River Banks

Taoyuan County Government, despite difficulties, proceeds with the renovation project to improve the waterfront environment along the Chungli River. Any one who is interested in designing and caring for improving this space is welcome, at this historical moment, to submit a proposal with the goal to establish a presentable façade along the river banks, improve […]

The Fourth Feng Ho Cup – National Interior Design Contest 2011

The location of this contest takes place in the transportation and commercial hub of Taipei city. We hope that the innovative thinking of the contestants will bring a fashionable and yet practical design for an indoor living space in this bustling area. Contestants are encouraged to apply the planning of space, lighting, materials and furniture […]

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