Creative Landscape Design Contest along Chungli River Banks

Taoyuan County Government, despite difficulties, proceeds with the renovation project to improve the waterfront environment along the Chungli River. Any one who is interested in designing and caring for improving this space is welcome, at this historical moment, to submit a proposal with the goal to establish a presentable façade along the river banks, improve [...]

The Fourth Feng Ho Cup – National Interior Design Contest 2011

The location of this contest takes place in the transportation and commercial hub of Taipei city. We hope that the innovative thinking of the contestants will bring a fashionable and yet practical design for an indoor living space in this bustling area. Contestants are encouraged to apply the planning of space, lighting, materials and furniture [...]

Light. Home Aesthetic Design Contest 2011

The goal for organizing “Light. Home Aesthetic Design Contest 2011” is to discover more design talents in Taiwan, and expand local design ability and cultural advantage, allowing Taiwanese creativity industry to grow and expand to the world. In accordance to this first ever world design contest in Taiwan, contestants are free to offer design from [...]

Public Restroom of Excellence Design Contest 2011 by Taiwan Toilet Association

Faced with natural disasters that come with drastic changes to the environment and the climate, this design contest was organized to propose innovative thinking to renovate the post-disaster public restrooms, and promote universal design that is user friendly and increase energy sustainability as well as easy maintenance and management.

2011 International Student ARRAY competition 3 _National Taipei University of Science and Technology Department of Architecture

With “Array” as the theme of this competition, contestants must re-think the spatial design in the form of “Array” under the subject of “ecological”, and propose creative and imaginative mechanism in the order and operation of space. Contestants can use any destination as their base for this design.

The Third Pedestrian Bridge Design Contest by Taiwan Institute of Steel Construction

This is the 3rd pedestrian bridge design contest organized by Taiwan Institute of Steel Construction.       

National Architecture and Design Students’ in celebration of 100th anniversary of Taipei Architect Association

In order to promote sustainable architecture and environmental design nationwide, Taipei Architect Association continues to organize national architecture and design students’ contest, students of architecture, interior design, landscape design and spatial design are welcome. It is the hope that creative teaching and learning potential is stimulated through this healthy competition, and newer creativity and unique [...]

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