The Third Pedestrian Bridge Design Contest by Taiwan Institute of Steel Construction

This is the 3rd pedestrian bridge design contest organized by Taiwan Institute of Steel Construction.       

National Architecture and Design Students’ in celebration of 100th anniversary of Taipei Architect Association

In order to promote sustainable architecture and environmental design nationwide, Taipei Architect Association continues to organize national architecture and design students’ contest, students of architecture, interior design, landscape design and spatial design are welcome. It is the hope that creative teaching and learning potential is stimulated through this healthy competition, and newer creativity and unique […]

The 23rd board of supervisors of Architectural Institute of Taiwan organized the second “Architectural Research and Design Announcement”

The 23rd board of supervisors of Architectural institute of Taiwan is calling for submission for the second “Architectural Research and Design announcement”.

The Sixth Competition for the Residence of the Future – Removal of tin roofs equals to reducing 1 degree Celsius on earth

The illegal tin roofed housing across Taiwan is often seen and is an obstruction in the landscape of a city. Proposing a solution to this specific problem is the beginning of making a city green and helps to cool down the ever-increasing temperature on earth. We hope to better tackle the problem of changing climate […]

Miaoli Mingde Reservoir Tourism International Planning Contest 2011

This contest was born in the name of protecting and beautifying our environment to promote the concept of water conservation and make the reservoir sustainable. We hope to give a new face to the reservoir and create a more effective way for water recycling and conservation through the brainstorming of all participants.

2011 Cross-Strait Students Competition organized by J. J. Pan and Partners, Architects and Planners

J.J. Pan and Partners was established in 1981, hundreds of outstanding talents have come and gone to combine international techniques and concepts along with our traditional culture and localized characteristics in the past thirty years. Their work through the years has often been recognized by major magazines and received awards both domestically and abroad. Going […]

Contest of Farmhouse illustration in the national parks that complies with laws of construction and green architectural standard

The main purpose of maintaining the qualities of park environment and development sustainability in coordination of environmental characteristics of national parks, economical, social and environmental planning, have been put into the design, keeping in mind of localized charm, connectivity, density, usage, suitability, qualities of public area, and consideration of integrated strategies and participation of users. […]

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