Professor of architecture, Cheng-Tao Yeh led master’s students Chi-Xuan Lee to participate in iF concept Design Award and awarded second place

Chi-Xuan Lee, master’s student at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology was awarded second place globally by iF concept design award with his “duckweed boardwalk” themed project. His design includes a transformation of a reservoir into a natural art museum, in which a duckweed boardwalk offers visitors a path to walk into the center […]

Professor of architecture, Cheng-Li Cheng is the first person in Taiwan receiving international honorary membership of Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan

A total of 21 international honorary membership of SHASE given up to 2011 have been to 12 countries including the United States, Germany, Denmark, U.K. Brazil and China. Those who have been awarded the membership are all outstanding experts or scholars with authority in this profession. Three people are awarded the SHASE international honorary membership […]

A team of students, Chi-Lin Tan, Ting-Rui Yan, Po-Chao Huang, Yi-Feng Chen, Chi Lee, Ying-Tong Chen, Pei-Ru Wang, Xian-Rong Lin, Huai-Sheng Yang led by professors of architecture, Nai-Chong Shih, Yi-Kuang Shih, Hao-Yang Wei, Yun-Xiang Chiu and instructor Qun-Feng Tai, participated in “The Third Pedestrian Bridge Design Contest” organized by “Taiwan Institute of Steel Construction” and awarded golden award – first place and work of excellence

Organizer: Taiwan Institute of Steel Construction Contest: The Third Pedestrian Bridge Design Contest 2011-2012 A city always provides a sense of speed and busyness, and traditional pedestrian bridge has always just been a method connecting point A and point B, but we are trying create more relaxation space and bring a sense of leisure into […]

Professor of architecture Cheng-Li Cheng and Yi-Xun Chiu, along with instructor Qun-Feng Tai leads student Chian-Hui Tang, Shiao-Ming Chen and Huan-Hung Lin to participate in “Green Housing Creative Design Contest” and won first place, second place and third place respectively

In order to stimulate the creativity for green housing, Changhwa County Government organized the “Green Housing Creative Design Contest” along with Taiwan Architecture & Building Center and Taiwan Architect Association. In accordance with the current trend of carbon reduction due to reduced natural resources, Chunghwa County Government hopes to push forward our effort in making […]

Senior student of architecture, Po-Yan Chiang, Tsui-Xin Chang and Xin-Hao Huang also participated in “Rooftops Why Not” International Contest by ContestA as a team and awarded work of excellence

The main purpose of this contest is to cultivate proposals that offer an alternative on urban renovation, tapping into the observation and consideration for the life in Taipei from the prospective of youth. Much time is spent integrating everyone’s opinions in the current process, and the current method of urban renovation, though has beautified the […]

Professor of architecture, Cheng-Tao Yeh leads students participate in “The Third Spatial Design KSU 2012”. Student Chi-Xi Yang was awarded second place, and both Yang-Yang Chao and Nai-Ping Xing were awarded work of excellence

Contest: The Third Spatial Design KSU 2012 Organizer: Kitchen Association Union of Republic of China Runner-up – Title: Green Tai Ji by Chi-Xi Yang Work of Excellence- Title: KITCHEN BOX by Yang-Yang Chao   Work of Excellence- Title: Eating 2 by Nai-Ping Xing

Instructor of architecture Rong-Mei Wu leads student Chi-Wei Wan to participate in “Dulux Let’s Color Contest 2012 and won first place

The coloring concept for this contest is to mix the main color (Yellowish orange) with similar colors to create the path and atmosphere as if sunlight is shinning through a room, and use the method of stacking non-transparent colors to imitate the sun shiny transparency. The secondary part of coloring is done by matching main […]

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