Architectural Thinking Studio

What role should architecture play in the 21st century? Facing the increasingly clear trend of professional division of labor, how architectural practitioners can be self-positioning? Having lost past certainty and moving towards an uncertain future, we have to have a deeper reflection on architecture, which we are dedicated to. Architectural thinking studio will take the architectural design as the core issues through a variety of research topics to explore architectural thinking.

Environmental Control Lab of Architecture

Architecture & Thermal Environment People spend the most time indoors, so naturally, the environment of the indoor space has huge impact on us. The indoor temperature and quality of air are the most important elements to maintain a pleasant indoor space, and it is best controlled using the combination of economical and reasonable methods to […]

The Small Workshop

The architectural design operating process focuses on planning different materials and spatial concepts, as well as explores the relevant issues in the urban and architectural designs and practical cases in depth. Participate in the urban planning and architectural design actively both domestically and abroad The analysis and research of the theories and examples of the […]

ETAC – Environmental Technology in Architecture Research Center

There is only one earth, and the resources on earth are also limited. We can only bring forth disasters fighting against nature because the survival of humanity is closely related to the environment on earth.  From the prospective of architectural design, safety, comfort, health and convenience are the elements that humans have long desired after […]

ISAAC – Integrating Simulation and Analysis for Architectural Complexity

The mission of ISAAC is to understand man-made environment, architectural technique and the interaction among spatial users through the application of integrated simulation and analysis and industrial ecology. Its purpose is to further fulfill the knowledge of human design, high efficiency design and sustainable architectural design. In the framework of complex system, the mechanism of […]

Architectural Culture Research Laboratory

In response to the many problems encountered in the current restoration process of monuments and historical buildings in Taiwan, Research is being done on restoration technique and repair theory and strategy applying the research of architectural history. On the other hand, the research plan of National Science Council, combined with the construction experience in the […]