She-Yen Wu

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She-Yen Wu

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Department of Architecture,

Assistant Professor


M.F.A in Arts and Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts

Research field

Architecture、Interior、Exhibition Design

International Design Competition

Creative Trend

New Media

Presentation Techniques


Architecture Design & International Design Competition

Design Drawing

Digital fabrication

3D Print、Laser cutting、CNC

Publication List

  1. The Application of Photoconductive Bacteriostatic Infrared-LED for footwear in Environmental Art Installation
    Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 2014
  2. Carrying capacity of “embodied energy spot” on Urban square by the pulsing control mechanism
    Mechanic Automation and Control Engineering (MACE), 2011
  3. Spatial hyperlink for making places for dwelling
    Interaction Sciences (ICIS) 2011
  4. From parasitism to Mutualism — People, Earth, New Taipei City: Coexistence and regeneration on urbanism, landscape urbanism, an d the future of settlements
    Consumer Electronics, Communications and Networks 2011

International Awards

  1. BIG URBAN CRUNCH – Spain «reTHINKing competitions» 2015 TOP 2 (online vote)
  2. OSITAT Theatre Architecture Competition Selected entry for Exhibition 2015
  3. Red Dot Award: Design concept 2015 Shortlisted (The Dream of Homeless)
  4. Red Dot Award: Design concept 2015 Shortlisted (Filtering Buoy)
  5. UNESCO, Architectural festival «Social Revolution» 2014 TOP 1
  6. UNESCO, Architectural festival «Social Revolution» 2014 TOP 10 Best projects
  7. if concept design award 2011 Shortlisted

Honors and awards to students advised:

1. Name:Jui-Yu Pan(潘瑞瑜)

Title of entry:Subduction and Rebirth of Dissociated State

Awards:A+ Creative Festival 2015 Highest honor award Winner (Bonus $250,000)

2. Name:Ren-Fong Gong(龔人鳳)

Title of entry:SKIN AREA

Awards:A+ Creative Festival 2015 Bronze award Winner (Space Design)

E-mail :

Research Room:RB-912A



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