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Students awarded in 2019 Taipei International Design Award under guidance of Associate Professor Chen, Yan-Ting.

The intensification of the climate warming has led to a sharp decrease in ice sheets in Greenland and the Arctic Ocean and an increase in heat absorbed by the oceans as a result of melting sea ice, which is the evidence of the beginning of a vicious ecological cycle caused by increased climate warming. Consequently, protecting the polar glaciers and covering the Arctic permafrost is the ultimate goal of the construction of the Arctic Protection Tower for the balanced development of the local biological chain.

The Eighth Creative Campus Environmental Makeover Contest

We hope to transform the atmosphere and qualities of our campus through inter-fields cooperation in the redesign of this environment combing nature and culture, and the application of creative thinking and hands-on practice.

Healthy and Green Housing Design Contest 2011

Humans spend the majority of our time indoors on a daily basis; therefore, it is important to ensure our indoor living space is a part of the green architecture. We hope to create a healthy and environmental living space with the ingenuity of the participants.

Art Exhibition Contest 2012

Art Exhibition Contest 2012 was organized by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts with instructions from Ministry of Culture committee to discover and cultivate artistic talents, and creative work in Taiwan through the process of contest, award and exhibition, making it a fair and equitable competitive system. 

FENTRESS Global Challenge 2011: Airport of the Future

This is a goal that makes people excited beyond belief. This contest is available specifically for students of architecture and engineering, both current and graduating students of 2011. The deadline to register for this competition is October 31st, 2011; the deadline to submit your work is December 31st, 2011.

International Contest of Green Housing 2011

The creator of Green Roof Design was invited by New Taipei City Government to plan and participate in this international contest, in the hope to find outstanding work and give awards and recognition accordingly. This contest is open for participation from both public and private contestants in all countries, and they have the freedom to […]

The Fifth Golden Shoe Award Contest – “Transformation X Fashion”

The theme for the Fifth Golden Shoe Award Contest is “Transformation X Fashion”. We look forward to seeing contestants to craft classic interpretation of the fashion industry with innovative thinking, and the winner submitted through our event website will be awarded with $300,000 NT dollars! Submissions are accepted from September 15th through November 15th.

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