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Students Awarded at Architecture Master Prize 2019 under guidance of faculty members.

【Competition】: Architecture Master Prize 【Organization】: The Architecture MasterPrize was assembled by the Farmani Group, an organization curating and promoting art, design and architecture across the globe since 1985. 【LINK】: 【About】: The mission of the Architecture MasterPrize (AMP) is to advance the appreciation and exposure of quality architectural design worldwide. The AMP architecture award celebrates creativity and […]

Students of architecture participates in the “New Taipei City Urban Renovation and Maintenance Competition” and received recognition for their excellent work

In addition to urban reconstruction, improvement on the living environment can also be achieved through renovation and maintenance, and beautifying of the city. The buildings that are qualified for this contest must be 15 years and older located within New Taipei City, and contestants are free to choose from these buildings to design their proposals. […]

Professor of Architecture Yi-Xun Chiu and instructor Qun-Feng Tai led students to participate in the “2012 Taipei Design Award” – Public Space Design Category, organized by Taipei City Government and awarded for their excellent works

Using digital image of the city as a prototype, this seemingly public digital photo frame located on the bustling street is served as an interactive interface for information exchange among people. Not only does it function as a bus stop and digital billboard providing timely information, it is also a large sized interactive platform integrated […]

Professor of architecture Cheng-Li Cheng and Yi-Xun Chiu, along with instructor Qun-Feng Tai leads student Chian-Hui Tang, Shiao-Ming Chen and Huan-Hung Lin to participate in “Green Housing Creative Design Contest” and won first place, second place and third place respectively

In order to stimulate the creativity for green housing, Changhwa County Government organized the “Green Housing Creative Design Contest” along with Taiwan Architecture & Building Center and Taiwan Architect Association. In accordance with the current trend of carbon reduction due to reduced natural resources, Chunghwa County Government hopes to push forward our effort in making […]

The Small Workshop

The architectural design operating process focuses on planning different materials and spatial concepts, as well as explores the relevant issues in the urban and architectural designs and practical cases in depth. Participate in the urban planning and architectural design actively both domestically and abroad The analysis and research of the theories and examples of the […]

I-Hsu Chiu

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