Yi-Kai Juan

2010.11.20 - By Office

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Department of Architecture,
Associate Professor


  • Ph.D at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
  • Visiting Scholar at Stanford University
  • Post-doctoral research fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology

Research field

  • Management Science and Artificial Intelligence applied on A/E/C Industry
  • Green Economy and Strategic Management
  • Green Product Design and Management
  • Sustainable Facility and Refurbishment Management
  • Research Methods


  • Quantitative Methods for Architecture
  • Action Research for A/E/C
  • Analysis and Research on Architecture
  • Green Economy and Technology Management

Recent Research

  • Application of Artificial Intelligence on A/E/C Industry: Decision Support System for Green Building Design, Decision Support Model for Building Energy Performance Management
  • Decision Support Model for Smart City Planning and Management
  • Game Design and Development for Green Building
  • Explore Challenges and Strategies of Renewable Energy Application in Taiwan
  • Green Product Design, Business Model, and Competitiveness Analysis
  • Future Office Environment Planning: Decision Support System for Distributed Workplace Arrangement based on Innovation Theory(NSC)
  • Technology and Prototype Feasibility Analysis of Green Water System (NSC)
  • Intelligent Fire Escaping System Design (NSC)


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Research Room:RB-704


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