Meng-Ting Tsai

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Department of Architecture,

Associate Professor


  • University of Tokyo, Japan

Research field

  • Timber Structure
  • Seismic Assessment of Wooden Building
  • Structure System in Architecture


  • Structure Behavior (I)(II)
  • Building Construction Planning
  • Wooden Construction
  • Architecture Design

Recent Research

  • Numerical Simulation of Mid/High-Rise Hybrid Timber structure
  • Wooden Based Composite Beams and Columns
  • Retrofitting and Seismic Assessment of Japanese Wooden Building in Taiwan


Journal Papers

■ Tsai M.T., Le T.D.H. Chang F.C. (2022) Mechanical properties of built-up timber beams with various cross sections determined using analytical methods. Wood Material Science and Engineering (SCI), Accepted. DOI: 10.1080/17480272.2022.2070865

■ Tsai M.T., Lin W.T. (2022). Efficiency of Energy Consumption between Reinforced Concrete Structure and Cross-Laminated Timber Based Hybrid Structure in East Asian Cities. Energies (SCI), 15(1), 165.

■ Huang Y.H., Tsai M.T. (2021) Amplification Factor for Wood-Concrete Hybrid Structures Based on Dynamic Numerical Simulation. Key Engineering Materials (EI), Vol. 873, pp 65-69

■ Le T.D.H., Tsai M.T. (2019) Experimental Assessment of the Fire Resistance Mechanisms of Timber–Steel Composites. Materials (SCI), 12, 4003.

■ Shih C.H., Peng K.T., Wu T.W. and Tsai M.T. (2019) STUDY OF DAMAGE PHENOMENON ON THE WEIGUAN-JINLONG BUILDING AND THE YUNMEN-CUEIDI BUILDING. Journal of the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering (EI), 31(5), 489-499

■ Tsai M.T., Wonodihardjo A.S. (2018) Achieving Sustainability of Traditional Wooden Houses in Indonesia by Utilization of Cost-Efficient Waste-Wood Composite, Sustainability (SCI), 10(6), 1718

■ Tsai M.T. and Le T.D.H. (2018) Determination of Initial Stiffness of Timber–Steel Composite (TSC) Beams Based on Experiment and Simulation Modeling. Sustainability (SCI, SSCI), 10, 1220.

■ Lin H.T., Tsai M.T. and Wonodihardjo A. (2018) Withdrawal Resistance and Failure Mode of Semi-Circular Wooden Composite with Different Fasteners. Key Engineering Materials (EI), 765, 295-299.

■ Tsai M.T. (2017) Retrofitting and Adaptive Reuse of Historic Wooden Buildings in Taiwan Based on Field Investigation. Journal of Asian Architecture and Building engineering (SCI, AHCI), 16(2), 387-394.

■ Tsai M.T., Shih C.H., Lin Y.C. and Cheng C.C. (2017) Inspection of Hyperbolic Reinforced Concrete Shells – Luce Memorial Chapel – based on Nondestructive Testing Method. Key Engineering Materials (EI), 735, 113-118.

■ Tsai M.T., Shih C.H. and Lin Y.C. (2017) Numerical Study on Collapse Mechanism of Weiguan Building under 206 Earthquake. Journal of ArchitectureSpecial Issue on Technology (TSSCI), 99, 19-34.

■ Le T.D.H. and Tsai M.T. (2015) Numerical Study on Optimization of Wooden Steel Hybrid Beams Based on Shape Factor of Steel Component. International Journal of Technology and Engineering Studies, 1(2), 53-62.


Conference Proceedings

■ Tsai M.T., Kevin S. (2021) DEVELOPING TIMBER BUILDINGS TO MINIMIZE CONSTRUCTION COST IN SURABAYA, INDONESIA. World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE), Santiago, Chile, 9-12 August.

■ Le T.D.H., Tsai M.T. (2019) Behavior of Timber-Steel Composite with Dowel Connection under Fire, Full Paper Proceeding, 9th International Conference on Advanced Materials Research, Singapore.

■ Tsai M.T., Chen P.S., Yang T.H., Chen C.T., Hsu H.M. and Liu T.C. (2018) Experimental Study on Failure Mode of Reciprocal Wooden Joint with Dowel Connection and Wooden Interlocking. World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE), Seoul, Korea.

■ Hsu T.L., Chang F.C., Tsai M.T. and Le T.D.H. (2016) Study on Performance of Timber-Steel Composite Beams with Different Shapes of Steel Components. World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE), Vienna, Austria.

■ Liu W.T., Tsai M.T. and Fitriana L. (2016) Experimental Study on Residual Compressive Strength of Bamboo Column under Fire with Different Time Limitation. World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE), Vienna, Austria.

■ Tsai M.T. and Koshihara M. (2014) The Study and Proposed Application of the Multi-Storey Hybrid Timber Structural System onthe Design Flexibility and Hazard Prevention. World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE), Quebec City, Canada.

■ Tsai M.T. and Koshihara M. (2012) The Research of Plan Mixed Hybrid Timber Structure and Parametric Equivalent Brace Study of Floor Slab. World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE), Auckland, New Zealand.


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Research Room:RB-805


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