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The Sixth Sunty Architectural Competition

Sunty construction has insisted on building good and solid housing, and has received excellent reputation through word of mouth in both business and consumer world. In addition, Sunty has been hosting the Sunty Architectural Competition every year hoping to help cultivate the next generation of architectural talents on campus, and promote a better architectural environment [...]

100 NTUST Archi Student Exhibition – NO. 3

Thinking number 3 is the new way thinking for architects! When the collision of instinct and logic is happening with explosive potential, and when the fermentation of city and thinking creates a new chemical reaction, you know that change is happening. Inspiration has no boundaries, and the application of sense and sensibility is no longer [...]

Electric motorcycles rides on Bei-Yi freeway to promote “Green City Mobility

Green city mobility was initiated by the Italian visiting scholar, professor Angelo Stagno, organized by the Teaching and Learning Center at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and sponsored by Green Diamond Power Inc. It is a project that integrated with teaching and environmental protection. Professor Stagno opened a class in “Interactive environment model” [...]

The application of 3D laser scanning in the immediate recording of human movements and creation of art

This is a recording analysis utilizing 3D laser scanning to record human behaviors and dancing movements. Mr. Shu-Yi Chou of Horse Dancing Organization was invited by Architecture Professor Nai-Chong Shih, and Italian Architecture scholar, professor Anelo Stagno to do improvised dancing performance in the classroom. Seven performances with different themes are recorded with the 3D [...]

Course Information

According to existing relations of Taiwan National University of Science and Technology, undergraduate curriculum is examined and updated regularly, in order to accommodate the fast changing business environment and industrial needs. Moreover, a study plan should be customized for each student across courses, minors, double majors, as well as planning of elite class in the [...]

Environmental Control Lab of Architecture

Architecture & Thermal Environment People spend the most time indoors, so naturally, the environment of the indoor space has huge impact on us. The indoor temperature and quality of air are the most important elements to maintain a pleasant indoor space, and it is best controlled using the combination of economical and reasonable methods to [...]

The Small Workshop

The architectural design operating process focuses on planning different materials and spatial concepts, as well as explores the relevant issues in the urban and architectural designs and practical cases in depth. Participate in the urban planning and architectural design actively both domestically and abroad The analysis and research of the theories and examples of the [...]

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