Our vision

The goal of the department is to maintain an outstanding and experienced group of faculties as well as to provide great environment for students to study. Besides, the department hires the reputable architects and provides practical training for students. Once architectural professional teachers are completely recruited in the future, we will continue to hire teachers who are skilled in relevant fields such as landscaping and interior design to open elective courses to broaden students’ horizons

Development and applications of the equipment are going to support teaching activities of the department. In recent years, the purchase of virtual reality equipment has supported fields of architectural history, building disaster prevention and computer-aided architectural design, on which research of these fields have had specific outcomes published either in academic journals and theses or applied in courses, providing our students the latest knowledge.

Educational goals


  • To develop the theoretical basis of architecture.
  • To explore multi-engineering and innovative thinking.
  • To teach students to think independently and the ability to communicate and express.
  • To strengthen courses in professional ethics and to enhance practical teamwork experience.
  • To extend an international perspective.
  • To strengthen the social care and professional ethics.
  • To cultivate the attitude of lifelong learning.


  • To develop expertise in architecture advanced.
  • To develop the ability to critical thinking.
  • To cultivate the ability of second profession integration.
  • To develop the leadership and integration capability.
  • To exchange expertise internationally.
  • To strengthen the social and industry participation.
  • To cultivate the spirit of continuing education.

In-service Master program

  • To develop expertise in advanced architecture knowledge.
  • To develop the ability to critical(?) thinking.
  • To cultivate the ability of integrate theory and practice.
  • To develop an international perspective.
  • To cultivate the habits of self-learning.


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