University of Wesminster, UK

Dual Degree Master’s Program

Partner School: University of Wesminster (UW), UK


Master of Science and Environmental Design (UW)
Master in Architecture and Sustainable Design (NTUST)


NTUST- Department of Architecture
UW – Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment

Application documents and eligibility:

  1. Registered Master’s student @ NTUST
  2. Finished first year at NTUST, without any failing grades
  3. Those whose first language is not English will need proof of proficiency (one of the following):
    1. IELTS 6.5 ( min of 6.0 in each component)
    2. Westminster Pre-sessional English as a Foreign Language
  4. Portfolio

Course schedule:

  1. After finishing the first year at NTUST, student will go to UW for the second year to obtain the required credits from UW and obtain their degree, then return to NTUST to finish any left-over credits and do Theis defense for NTUST degree.
  2. At UW, student is required to obtain the required credits stated by UW.


  • UW related fees (insurance, International field trip in the spring semester, transportation…etc) are payable by the student to UW.
  • UW offers students of this program a 15% scholarship towards full time postgraduate programme tuition (excluding pre-sessional course), check UW website for latest cost of tuition.
  • UW offers alumni discounts and benefits upon completion of the program.
  • UW may offer additional scholarships, subject to change.


  • Before enrolling at UW, students are required to pay a deposit (GBP£4,000 for 2021, subject to change every year) for application of visa and tuition, not for other purposes.
  • Deposit cannot be refunded, only in cases where the visa application is rejected.

NTUST scholarship: Students can also apply for NTUST scholarships, more details here

Application schedule: Students can apply during their first year at NTUST.

for more information:

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