University of Florida, USA

Dual Degree Master’s Program

Partner School: University of Florida (UF), USA


Master of Science in Architectural Studies with a concentration in Sustainable Design (UF)
Master in Architecture and Sustainable Design (NTUST)


NTUST – Department of Architecture
UF – The College of Design, Construction and Planning

Application documents and eligibility:

  1. Registered Master’s student @ NTUST
  2. Those whose first language is not English will need proof of proficiency (one of the following):
    1. IELTS: 6
    2. TOEFL (Internet version): 80
  3. Valid GRE score:
    1. GRE Verbal: 140
    2. GRE Total: 300
  4. NTUST transcript
  5. A statement of purpose
  6. Three Letters of recommendations from professors and supervisors

Course schedule:

  1. After finishing the first year at NTUST, student will go to UF for the second year to obtain the required credits from UF and obtain their degree, then return to NTUST to finish any left-over credits and do Theis defense for NTUST degree.
  2. Credits from NTUST are transferable to UF at UF’s discretion.
  3. At UF, student is required to obtain the following credits:
The Curriculum
Total of 36 credit hours are required with 24 credit hours of required courses, 6 credit hours of elective courses and 6 credit hours of thesis, or Masters Research Project (MRP).
First Fall Semester
International Sustainable Development 4 CR
Sustainable Design Problem Solving 4 CR
Ecological Issues in Sustainability 1 3 CR
Research Methods 2 CR
13 CR
Second Spring Semester
Ecological Issues in Sustainability 2 3 CR
Masters Research Project/Thesis Proposal Development 2 CR
Sustainable Design Studio 6 CR
Elective 3 CR
14 CR
Third Summer Semester
Master Research Project (MRP) /Thesis* 6 CR
Elective 3 CR
9 CR
Total Required Credit Hours 36 CR
All courses in the College are web assisted. This means that each course has a specific website assigned to it where faculty place course syllabus, reading material, assignments and assessments as well as lectures for review and other course material.
Selected Elective courses (electives may vary by semester/year):
Survey Plan Info System (Introduction to GIS) 3 CR
International Development Planning and Development 3 CR
Sustainable Urbanism in Europe 3 CR
Greening Existing Buildings (web-assisted course) 3 CR
Any graduate courses offered in the college** various CR
Total Elective Credit Hours 6 CR
* A thesis or Masters Research Project (MRP) in lieu of thesis is required for the MSD. Students will work with individual faculty on their thesis. A thesis committee of at least two faculty members from the College of Design, Construction and Planning at the University of Florida should be formed by the end of second semester.
** Selection of other graduate courses must be first approved by the Master of Sustainability Design program faculty and the course instructor.


  • UF related fees (insurance, International field trip in the spring semester, transportation…etc) are payable by the student to UF.
  • UF offers students of this program a scholarship towards the tuition, after deductions, the payable tuition is USD$20,100

NTUST scholarship: Students can also apply for NTUST scholarships, more details here

Application schedule: Students can apply during their first year at NTUST.

for more information:

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