Position Vacancy

Position:Assistant Professor (Specialist) or above (Non-Tenured) Openings:1 Closing Date:2022.11.16

OISTAT World Stage Design – 黃鈞祐, 賴翰宇

The design inspiration starts with the natural environment language of the site. The shape of the…

CTBUH International Student Tall Building Design – 陳建勳, 賴翰宇, 葉俊毅

【Competition】: CTBUH International Student Tall Building Design Competition 【Organizer】: Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) 【Link】:…

臺科大建築學生以臺中歌劇院 無人機空拍照獲國際攝影界大獎








2022 10th Sakura Awards Contest

Eligibility Registered University Student Solo or Groups, no limits to submissions Top 3 winners from previous…

National Architects Association holds “2022建築資訊技術應用表現競賽”

競賽主旨 以建築資訊相關應用表現為主題,可自行運用各類軟硬體新技術,廣泛學習各種新資訊技術之應用及創作,提供在校學生有表現專業能力之舞台。 參賽資格 全國各大專院校建築、室內設計、空間設計、景觀、土木營建、都市計畫、城鄉環境等相關科系及研究所之在校註冊學生(含111年6月應屆畢業生) 參賽辦法 可個人報名或組隊報名(4人以內)參賽,每人限以一隊及一作品為限,需將報名文件及作品光碟檔案,寄至中華民國全國建築 師公會2022建築資訊技術應用表現競賽活動小組(請詳競賽活動簡章及本會網頁公告) for more informations visite NAA

2022 Asia Young Designer Awards open call for applications

【主題 THEME】 回歸初心.重生 CONVERGE: PUSHING THE RESET BUTTON 在全球共同面對疫情大流行的難關之後,設計師的角色越顯重要,提供空間設計框架之餘, 同時需要思考該如何設計才能引導出人們生活的不同面向,甚至幫助人們度過難關。2022 的 主題「回歸初心.重生」(Converge: Pushing the Reset Button),期許青年設計師們更…

2022 Special Topics

Students need to fill out the Special Topics Selection Form and hand it to the office…

Students under Guidance of Associate Prof. Chen Yan Ting awarded Honorable Mentions at eVolo competition

【Competition】: eVolo 【Organizor】: eVolo Magazine 【Link】: https://www.evolo.us/ 【About】: eVolo is an architecture and design journal focused…

2022_Department of Architecture Thesis Exhibition

2022/06/10-06/13 We invite everyone who are passionate about architecture to come and attend our exhibition。

Students awarded “Outstanding Technical and Vocational Education Award”

17th Outstanding Technical and Vocational Education Award of 29 groups shortlisted 38 candidates, 6 of which…

Tenured position: Assistant Professor or above

Position:Assistant Professor or above (Tenured) Openings:2 Closing Date:111.2.28