Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Dual Degree Master’s Program

Partner School: Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT), USA


Master of Science in Building Construction and Facility Management (GIT)
Master in Architecture (NTUST)


NTUST- Department of Architecture
GIT – School of Building Construction

Application documents and eligibility:

  1. Registered Master’s student @ NTUST
  2. Finished at least 18 credits at NTUST
  3. English proof of proficiency (one of the following):
    1. IELTS 7.0 (min of 6.5 in each component, except Writing 5.5)
    2. TOEFL 90 (min of 19 in each section)
  4. Study Plan

Course schedule:

  1. After finishing 1.5-2 years at NTUST, student will go to GIT for 2~3 semesters to obtain the required credits from GIT and obtain their degree, then return to NTUST to finish any left-over credits and do Theis defense for NTUST degree.
  2. Maximum of 6 credits are transferable from GIT to NTUST at the discretion of NTUST, students are encouraged to list and check the planned courses for credit transfer before applying.
  3. At GIT, student is required to obtain the required credits stated by GIT.
  4. Student needs to finish their course-work at NTUST and graduate within 2 years of outbound.
  5. GIT offers 2 types of tracks, Thesis and Non-Thesis.
Thesis Option Non-Thesis Option
Core Course (12 CR)
Approved Electives (3 CR) Approved Electives (6 CR)
Research Methods (3 CR) Concentration Elective (3 CR)
Thesis Credit Hours (12 CR) Common Core Electives (6 CR)
Capstone Project (3 CR)
Total credits: 30


  • GIT related fees (insurance, International field trip in the spring semester, transportation…etc) are payable by the student to GIT.
  • GIT offers no scholarship, but waives requirement for GRE, tuition for Fall of 2020 is USD$39,680.
  • Upon completion of the program, students can apply for Optional Practical Training – OPT and obtain 36 months’ work visa.

Application schedule: program is on pause until further notice

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