About us

In 1991, the department started as “Engineering Technology Research Institute of Architectural Design Technology course of study group”. After 5 years of dedication from our faculty, in 1996 we converted in a graduate program, named “The graduate of architecture program of engineering technology”.

In 1994, we accepted our first cohort of undergraduates for our 2 year program, which was later phased out in favour of our 4 year in 2008. 5 years later, in 1999 our part-time (in service) master’s program was founded. In 2000, with the establishment of the College of Design, we officially became the Department of Architecture as known today. That same year we accepted our first cohort of undergraduates (4 year program) and doctoral students.

As of 2022, we have 300 undergraduates, consisting of 84 high school graduates and 178 vocational school graduates; 240 graduates, and 35 doctoral. To better prepare our students for international opportunities, we offer English taught courses and EMI courses. We also accept oversea and international students for all our programs, we currently have 22 international students in our graduate and doctoral program, and 3 in undergraduate.

The Department emphasizes the combination of theory and practice and cross-field technology integration, hoping to improve the domestic construction industry environment, improve construction engineering technology and improve the quality of construction projects, and promote international exchanges of construction technology and technology, and improve Taiwan’s construction industry on an international level.

In response to the changes in the construction industry in recent years, the department is also actively developing in the application of information technology, ecological construction methods, disaster prevention engineering and sustainable architecture, hoping to better prepare the graduates of the department.

(Updated 2022.11.29)

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