Department of Architecture wired static IP

Our static IP are divided into 2 segments, one for undergraduates and another for research labs。

  • Each research lab are assigned a limited range of IP, each lab needs to self-manage this range. At the beginning of each semester, if IP/MAC addresses needs to be added/changed/removed, please consolidate all changes required as a list and hand it in to the office.
  • IP range for undergraduates are managed individually, and only valid for one semester. To apply for an IP, please let the office know. IP’s are cleared at the end of each semester.

To apply or make changes to an IP, the following information are needed:

  • Name of user
  • Current year
  • MAC address
  • Contact number
  • Contact email

There are 2 methods to apply for an IP:

  1. During working hours: at the department office as mentioned above.
  2. During non-working hours: using email

The school’s IT system updates 4 times an hour at 13, 28, 43 and 58 min. If after an update your IP still does not work, please 1) check if you’ve provided the correct MAC address, 2) check you’re not over-quota.

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