「Hong Kong: The High-Density Mobile City」Lecture by Gary Chang

The department has invited architect Gary Chang to give an academic lecture at our department on the afternoon of 09/19 (Tuesday). All faculty and students are welcome to attend, ask questions, and engage in extensive discussions. There is no need to pre-register for this lecture.

Title: ” Hong Kong: The High-Density Mobile City”
Date: 09/19/2023 (Tuesday)
Time: 13:20 – 15:10
Location: RB-809A
Speaker: Architect Gary Chang

Renowned Architect Gary Chang from Hong Kong

Currently serving as Executive Director of EDGE Design Institute Ltd.
Gary Chang is known for his transformative designs that embody adaptability, selectivity, and sensitivity. Some of his well-known works include “Domestic Transformer” and “Suitcase House, Commune by The Great Wall.”
Gary Chang graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 1987 and founded EDGE in 1994. His projects span urban, residential, commercial, cultural, and private domains, emphasizing spatial flexibility while redefining tradition. He is dedicated to challenging modernism and tradition, urban and natural, art and utility, earning numerous awards.
Mr. Gary Chang has been invited to speak at Feng Chia University and the Zhuo Sheng Lecture Hall, and will hold the only lecture in northern Taiwan at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

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