2024 Summer Design Course

2024 Summer Design Course Registration Announcement

  • Course Duration: June 24th – July 30th (Monday to Friday) TBC
  • Time: 9:10 AM – 5:20 PM TBC
  • Cost: $9,315
    ($1,035 professor hourly rate (calculated at night) * 0.5 (student hourly rate) * 18 (number of weeks in the semester))
  • Registration Period: From April 18th (Thursday) to May 17th (Friday) (Registration for those whose grades have not been confirmed for 112-2 will be handled separately by contacting the department office)
  • Registration Method: Please register at the Department of Architecture office.
  • Restrictions: Students with grades of E or below (1-49 points) or those who withdraw voluntarily are not eligible to register for summer courses! (If there are special reasons, please attach a declaration and relevant documents)
  • Note: Limited to students of this department for registration.

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