2024 NTUST Architecture Thesis Exhibition Events

Event 1 – International Architecture Forum(Registration Required)

Topic:The Cities and Architecture of the World: Paris, London, Moscow, New York, Barcelona, Taipei
Speaker:石山修武 Osamu Ishiyama / 日本早稻田大學 名譽教授、Studio GAYA

  • 石山修武 Osamu Ishiyama / 日本早稻田大學 名譽教授、Studio GAYA
  • 李祖原 C.Y.LEE / 李祖原聯合建築師事務所 創辦人&主持建築師

Time:2024/6/7 (Fri) 18:30-20:30,18:00 Entry (With food)
Location:Taipei Creative Multi-function Hall, 6th Floor, D Hall, No. 88, Yan Chang Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City

Event 2 – Public Critique x Waseda University(No Registration Required)


  • 石山修武 Osamu Ishiyama / 日本 早稻田大學 名譽教授、Studio GAYA
  • 渡邊大志 Watanabe Taishi / 日本 早稻田大學 副教授、Link Architects Co.
  • 李玄 Richard Lee / 國立臺灣科技大學建築系 兼任副教授、李祖原聯合建築師事務所

Time:2024/6/8/ (Sat) 13:00-17:00
Location:Songshan Cultural and Creative Park – Warehouse No. 3, No. 133, Guangfu South Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City
Organizer:NTUST Department of Architecture / NTUST USR Project_I-Villages:Mobility for Change
Co-organizer:NTUST Department of Architecture Graduation Exhibition Preparation Committee / NTUST Department of Architecture Alumni Association / Waseda Taiwan Architecture Association

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