Archipacker – 101 NTUST Archi Student Exhibition

“Travel” refers to “traveling around places with our five senses, dare to feel and dare to have no expectations”; “archi” (architecture) means “to achieve our goal and profession with strategies, and to realize our dreams”, and “packer” represents “everything we own in the energy and dreams we possess, and when we open that suitcase, we will get to enjoy and share the wonderful colors inside”. “Travel. Archi. Packer.” together symbolizes the current era where the architects are not shy about their creative new thinking and bursting new ideas. These three words “Travel. Archi. Packer”, though simple, together they create complex meanings. In addition to exploring spatial usage and social connections, the inspiration for this exhibition also involves using sense and sensibility to create more “humane” architecture, and all things in observation and inspiration during our travel have been unleashed in this exhibition. Everything you see here is presented only after being reconstructed, transformed, and reborn.

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