2022_Department of Architecture Thesis Exhibition

NTUST Department of Architecture Thesis Exhibition will be held 2022/06/10-06/13 at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park No 2 Warehouse. Our department focuses on sharing practice experiences in our teaching, students will often hear the phrase “以實務為主” (yǐ shí wù wéi zhǔ : practical considerations first),therefore we’ve decided to set our theme as “以「食物」為主” (yǐ shí wù wéi zhǔ :  “food” considerations first [pronunciation pun])!

This year, our exhibition is a DUO EXHIBITION with National Yunlin University of Science and Technology Department of Architecture and Interior Design, leveraging specialties from both parties and bringing you diversity and the best of the bests, exhibiting over a hundred projects. Not only will this collaboration elevate the experience for the attendees, it is also a chance for the students to learn from each other.

Topics in this year’s exhibition includes (but not limited to): Space renovation and reuse、Shared common spaces、Urban revitalization、Infrastructure、Transportation、Digital Construction、Education and  eldercare、Residential、Medical、Offices、Religion……etc.

Special seminars has been scheduled, presenters include Sustainability design expert David Liu 劉德輔、International competition expert 馬朗文、大藏聯合建 Architect 甘銘源、建築資訊競賽 winner 楊承泰 … etc, they will share their experiences and expertise. Everyone is invited to join in.

(Sign up here:https://forms.gle/To2SHcUUMEhAHVa6A

2022/06/10-06/13 We invite everyone who are passionate about architecture to come and attend our exhibition。

Exhibitors:TaiwanTech Department of Architecture & YunTech Department of Architecture and Interior Design


Date:2022/06/10(五) ~ 06/13(一)

Location:Songshan Cultural and Creative Park No 2 Warehouse


2022_TaiwanTech Department of Architecture Thesis projects





2022_YunTech Department of Architecture and Interior Design Thesis projects




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