AD3602 Architectural Acoustics (3)
Application of Acoustics in Architecture including (1) Basic Theories (2) Room Acoustics (3) Electronic Sound System (4) Noise and Vibration Control

AD4104 Architectural Design Processes and Methods (3)
A complementary course to Architectural Design Studio. Students are introduced various design theories and methods (including computational methods) for different phrases in a design process, and are expected to practice those methods in the design studio course.

AD4501 Building Con-struction Practice(3)
Theory and Practice of Site Construction, Construction Management,Supervision,and Estimate.

AD4502 Building Con-struction Planning and Control (3)
Theory and Application of Building Construction Project Planning, Scheduling, and Quality Control.

AD4509 Building Construction Management (3)
Introduction of Construction Industry, Project Life Cycle, Including 4 Phases of Construction Planning, Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance. Special Topics on Contract Management, Scheduling, Cost Control, Quality Control, Safety and Hygiene, Risk Analysis, and Computer-Aided Tools.

AD5201 Architectural Design Methodology(3)
It is an Introductory Course to Architectural Design Theory Regarding Operational Models of Design Computation. The Purpose is to Enhance Students’ Theoretical Background for Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design

AD5203 Architectural Theory (3)
This course presents the interaction between the theory and practice of architecture by addressing issues related to the development of architectural theory

AD5205 Architectural Historiography (3)
Value, Process and Method of Research on Architectural Historiography

AD5302 Conservation of Historic Site (3)
Value, Strategies, Cases in Foreign Countries on the Conservation and Reuse of Historic Buildings, Landscape and Sites

AD5302 Conservation of Historic Site (3)
Value, Strategies, Cases in Foreign Countries on the Conservation and Reuse of Historic Buildings, Landscape and Sites

AD5304 Theory of environmental behavior (3)
Introduction to the theory of environmental behavior. Analysis on the relationship between human behavior activities demands and physical environment

AD5309 Environment-Behavior Research (3)

  1. To introduce various types and examples of environment-behavior (E-B) research related to architecture.
  2. To introduce research methods and data collection procedures used in E-B research.
  3. To have hands-on experience in counducting E-B research

AD5402 Architectural Criticism (3)
The objective is to have some reflections on the function and role of architectural criticism in architectural design and the development of contemporary Taiwan architecture from the point of view of architectural criticism

AD5406 Renewal of Historic Architecture (3)
Introduction of the Philosophy, concept on design, Practical case on Renewal of Historic Architecture

AD5504 Townscape and Community Planning (3)
Theory and Practice of Townscape and Community Planning Which Has Utilized an Area’s Characteristics and Attractiveness, regarding the process of investigation, interview, observation, recording, analyze and citizen participation

AD5601 CAD Programming (3)
Introduce foundamental concepts in computer graphics and teach computer programming skills. An elementary course for students to be involved in CAD research or IT practices.

DT5101 Advanced Architectural Design I (4)
Special Topics on Design, Design Project and Presentation, Development of Architectural Plans

DT5102 Advanced Architectural Design II (4)
Continuation of Advanced Architectural Design I, Site Survey and Analysis, Development of Architectural Plans, Special Topics on Design, Practice and Applications of Design Related Computations, Design Project and Presentation


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