Professor of Architecture, Cheng-Li Cheng, professor Yi-Xun Chiu and instructor Qun-Feng Tai led students to participate in “Kaohsiung Housing Creative Design Competition” organized by Kaohsiung City Government. Students Shao-Ming Chen, You-Lin Chian, Po-Jun Chen, Hu-Shu Hsieh are awarded first place, team of Jun-Feng Tai, Jia-Yu Yang, Jing-Hung Lin and Chi-Wei Wan, and team of Chian-Hui Tang, Ying-Ru Chen, You-Han Hu and Yan-Zhi Liu are awarded excellent works

Life in Kaohsiung is closely related to the ocean, fishing and aquaculture have been important industries; seaports, boating and water sports are the memories that people share in this city. There has been an outflow of population due to the increased urbanization and industrialization in recent years, which caused the problem of aging population and created further difference in lifestyles between the city and smaller towns. It is now an important task for the residents of Kaohsiung to figure out how they can call upon the shared memories of the locals and re-activate local industries and create business opportunities to ensure the survival of this town. Another important matter that residents of Kaohsiung need to be prepared for is the increasing sea level due to global climate change.

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