Lucky Shin-Jyun Tsaih

Lucky Shin-Jyun Tsaih
Associate Professor



  • Ph.D. University of Florida, USA



  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Environmental Technology
  • LEED



*Graduate courses

  • Architectural Soundscape
  • Building Energy Analysis
  • Green Building Rating Systems
  • Architectural Noise and Vibration Control

*Undergraduate courses

  • Mathematics and Physics for Architecture
  • Environmental Control Systems 1
  • Architecture Design 3
  • Architecture Design 4


Recent research

  • Music facilities planning and design
  • Water soundscape and stress study
  • Acoustic Comfort in long term care center
  • Effect of visual displayed quality in classroom
  • Effect of circulation design for the visually impaired students
  • Soundscape of music rehearsal in band boom


Publication List

  • Tedja, Y; Tsaih, L. 2015. “Water soundscape and listening impression”. Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics, Volume 25, Issue 1.
  • Wiratha, S.; Tsaih, L. 2015. “Acoustic comfort in long-term care facilities based on listening impressions from normal hearing individuals”. Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics, Volume 25, Issue 1.
  • Tsaih, L. “Soundscape of band room: Identifying acoustical concerns of musicians in        rehearsal rooms through questionnaires”. Invited paper for the “Architectural, Urban and    Natural Soundscapes” – Buildings (ISSN 2075-5309), 2014. (Accepted invitation, in   progress)
  • Tsaih, L.; Huang L.; Huang, L.S.”Integrating daylighting and acoustical performance in   K-12 classrooms”. Proceedings of the 6th Meeting of the International Symposium on    Temporal Design, Taipei, Taiwan: 2013.
  • Siebein, G.; Tsaih, L; Park, S.B.; Siebein, K. “The Ecological Basis for Architectural and Environmental Soundscapes” (University of Florida, School of Architecture, PO Box       115702, Gainesville, FL 32611), Jones, C.P.; Skelton, R. (Siebein Associates, Inc.,   Gainesville, FL 32607). Proceedings of the Inter-Noise Noise Congresses and      Sustainability, Lisbon, Portugal: 2010
  • Siebein, G.; Bettcher, A.; Park, S.B.; Shin, S.B.; Tsaih, L. (University of Florida, School          of Architecture, PO Box 115702, Gainesville, FL 32611), Siebein, K. (Siebein     Associates, Inc., Gainesville, FL 32607). “Architectural and Acoustical Elements of   Soundscapes”  Proceedings of the 1st EAA Euroregio Congress on Sound and Vibration:    2010.


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