Students under guidance of Associate Prof. Chen Yan Ting awarded at 2020 APIDA亞太區室內設計大獎

競賽名稱】: APIDA亞太區室內設計大獎

主辦單位】: 香港室內設計協會



APIDA is organized by Hong Kong Interior Design Association (HKIDA) since 1992. It is the 28th year of APIDA to promote professional standards and ethics among interior design and also give high recognition to outstanding interior design projects and designers.




獲得名次:銀獎(Student Design類)

作品名稱:Buddhismscraper (首次參加國際競賽之新作品)


When discussing the significance of each layer of the skyscraper and Dzi Beads, the form of the outer layer of the skyscraper is transformed from the totem on the Dzi Bead into geometry. By doing so, it retains the significance of the Dzi Bead Totem. In addition to the simple geometric structure, we use light, water and shadow from the ground floor interior to the top of the building. Therefore, the visitors who visit can comfortably adjust their mood within the prescence of the architecture, and can seek Buddha with a prepared body and soul.




獲得名次:銅獎(Student Design類)

作品名稱:Shell Plaza (首次參加國際競賽之新作品)



Located in a forest park in the city, a plaza in the shape of a shell symbolizes the concentration of people’s hearts into a pearl. Surrounded by staggered platforms, the flow of space becomes interesting, and the people moving inside seem to be in a 3D MAZE. In the 3D MAZE, there are Gallery and Platforms, hoping to act as a bridge between old and young through outdoor activities and art. The platform area is available for people to drink coffee and read.

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