Yeng-Horng Perng

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Department of Architecture,


  • PhD Civil Engineering, University of Texas at Austin

Research field

  • Construction Automation
  • Risk Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Construction engineering
  • Strategy management


  • Construction Productivity
  • Risk Management
  • Construction Management
  • Computer Applications in Construction


  1. Liao C.H., Perng Y.H. (2008). Data mining for occupational injuries in the Taiwan construction industry. Safety Science (SSCI), 46, 1091–1102.
  2. Juan Y.K., Perng Y.H., Hsu H.S. (2007). Genetic algorithm-based decision support for the restoration budget allocation of historical buildings. Building and Environment (SCI) ,42(2), 770-778.
  3. Hsueh S.L., Perng Y.H., Yan M.R., Lee J.R.(2007). On-line multi-criterion risk assessment model for construction joint ventures in China. Automation in Construction (SCI), 16(5), 607-619.
  4. Perng Y.H., Hsia Y.P., Lu H.J. (2007). A service quality improvement dynamic decision support system for refurbishment cont ractors. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence (SSCI),18(7),731-749.



Research Room:RB-805


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