Architectural Culture Research Laboratory

In response to the many problems encountered in the current restoration process of monuments and historical buildings in Taiwan, Research is being done on restoration technique and repair theory and strategy applying the research of architectural history. On the other hand, the research plan of National Science Council, combined with the construction experience in the education program, and the problems encountered in the review of actual repair work and problem solving process, are utilized to guide and lead the master’s and doctoral students to conduct a thorough investigation and research together on specific topics.

aside from the preservation and the value of cultural heritage, the related value in the architectural history and culture are the topics for research, especially the local settlements of traditional characteristics, native architectural charm and a variety of interesting architectural background and features of the Japanese colonial style buildings, which are backed with relatively more documentation and actual preservation of these buildings.

Restoration technique must be applied based on the original structure, so more research is necessary on the structure and characteristics of the Japanese colonial style wooden architecture in order to offer helpful assistance on these types of restoration. In addition, in order to solve the difficulty of performing group architectural preservation, historical districts in Taiwan are being researched and actual practices of relevant topics of city preservation are explored integrating policy of the government.

At the same time, theory of decision analysis and discussion of restoration related topics are included for exploration along with past experiences and research results.

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