Huey-Jiun Wang

Huey-Jiun Wang



  • Yokohama National University Dr.



  • History of Chinese architecture.
  • Taiwan architecture.
  • Heritage preservation.
  • History of environment conservation and development.



  • Chinese architecture.
  • Taiwan architecture.
  • Architectural design.
  • Historical building research.


Recent research

  • Taiwan’s architectural history research, especially during the Japanese occupation of the architectural features and changes.
  • Historical and cultural regions of the activation operation.
  • Preservation of monuments and historic buildings and restoration strategies.


Publication List:

  1. Huey-Jiun Wang, Huei-Yuan Lee, (2008). “How government-funded projects have revitalized historic streetscapes – Two cases in Taiwan.” Cities 25 (SSCI) p.197-206
  2. Huey-Jiun Wang, Chien-Wei Chiou, Yi-Kai Juan, (2008). “Decision support model based on case-based reasoning approach for estimating the restoration budget of historical buildings”. Expert Systems With Applications 35(4) (SCI,EI)(2006 impact factor: 0.957) p.1601-1610
  3. Huey-jiun Wang, Tien-hao Huang, May, 2007. “Architectural Transformation of Taiwan’s Buddhist Middle Schools Founded in the Japanese Colonial Period.” Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering,vol.6 no.1,(SCI, AHCI)p.1-8.


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