2022 Outstanding Award of Technological and Vocational Education – Chi Hao-Yun

Competition】: 2022 Outstanding Award of Technological and Vocational Education

Organizer】:Ministry of Education Taiwan

【Link】: https://me.moe.edu.tw/award/tech_light18.html


The “Technical and Vocational Education Spotlight” is an award established by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in 2005. It aims to recognize outstanding performances of students and teachers in technical and vocational education, including comprehensive senior high schools, technical senior high schools, and technical colleges, who participate in international skills competitions. The purpose is to acknowledge exceptional achievements, showcase the characteristics and strengths of technical and vocational education, and raise public awareness and attention towards this type of education. The motto of the award is “Striving for Excellence in Professional Skills, Letting the World See Us.”

To commend excellent technical and vocational students and encourage active participation of students and teachers from technical and vocational institutions in international skills competitions to pursue honors, the Ministry of Education organizes the “Technical and Vocational Education Spotlight” award ceremony annually. This event publicly acknowledges the awarded students and teachers. The award is often referred to as the “Oscars of the Technical and Vocational World” and includes two categories: the “Competition Excellence Award” and the “Outstanding Achievement Award.”

In this edition of the “Technical and Vocational Education Spotlight,” 42 groups comprising 58 individuals are being recognized. Among them, 14 groups receive the “Competition Excellence Award” for outstanding performances in international skills competitions, including gold medal winners in the “2022 46th International Skills Competition.” Additionally, 28 groups are awarded the “Outstanding Achievement Award” for their exceptional performances in international innovation, invention, and professional certification. Minister of Education Pan Wen-Chung stated that through the power of technical and vocational education, students and teachers acquire specialized skills in their professional fields, engage in interdisciplinary learning, enhance their intellectual abilities, and become well-rounded talents capable of adapting to the changes of the era—something that society needs and a development trend that the government encourages.

Students:紀昊昀 (Chi Hao-Yun)

Advisor:Professor Juan Yi-Kai

Awarded: Excellent Student Award – XR Expert of Architecture


Chi Hao-Yun has gone through a complete technical and vocational education journey, from technical high school to polytechnic college and even pursuing a master’s and doctoral program. This educational path has nurtured his interests and professional skills in architectural design, interior design, landscape, and spatial design. Beyond possessing a professional designer’s taste, creativity, and integrated planning skills, he has also dedicated himself to researching XR (Extended Reality, the amalgamation of VR/AR/MR) by merging real and virtual environments with human-machine interaction devices. He has been introducing emerging technologies into the field of architecture, aiding users in comprehending architectural design and enhancing the efficiency of design, decision-making, and construction communication. This expertise has earned him numerous domestic and international design and innovation competition awards and led to publications in various international SCI journals, international conferences, and patented research.

Furthermore, he has been presented with opportunities to showcase his talents in numerous large-scale domestic and overseas projects. These projects include designs for renowned developers and significant government projects in urban renewal, elderly care, and public facilities, establishing him as a prominent rising star in architecture. Chi Hao-Yun participated in the Young Scholars and Ph.D. Students Overseas Study Program organized by the Taiwan Architecture and Building Center, where he was selected to be a visiting researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). From 2022 to 2023, he engaged in a year-long program to delve into various aspects of XR (VR/AR/MR) related to human-machine interaction system development, real-world sensor applications, and interdisciplinary connections with the architecture industry. Looking ahead, he aspires to contribute to industry and research to enhance his comprehensive competitiveness in all aspects.

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