The department develop stressed the combination of theory and practice and interdisciplinary technology integration. Our department emphasizes theory and practice technology integration, and cross technology integration. Hope the research result improve domestic architectural industry environment, architectural engineering technology, enhance engineering quality, promote international technical exchange, and enhance the international status of Taiwan’s architectural industry.

In response to change in the architectural industry in recent year, the department is also active towards the application of information technology, ecological engineering method, prevention and sustainable development. We hope to create a bright future for our graduates.

In order to promote the university’s internationalization, there has matter of students exchange study abroad and the introduction of foreign health. Participate in the exchange of students can study one school year overseas to achieve the real significance of bilateral exchange. And employ short-term project faculty, about three foreign teachers come to Taiwan to teach per year. Internationalization is already maturity, and has bilateral exchange of students with California Polytechnic State University at Pomona.

In the base of department has already sign up with many architecture-related foreign universities, student exchange will continue to be. Three-year period is expected to increase by another 1-2 can be substantial exchange university teachers and students in Europe and United states. Long-term goal is average of 5% of the total number of students per year. The exchange of undergraduate students main Chinese regions or English-speaking countries, graduate students will be extended to Europe and Japan.

The new design technology about PC of application of professional courses.
Construction industry is the engine of industrial. Ever-change with the time, practices require to the technology has also accelerate, exactly in line with the department of features.

Combination of new technology and architectural design course, such as computer aided design group, it has more significant feature in the architectural design lesson. The use of three-dimensional modeling tool to assist spatial analysis and expression, raise design standards for the efficiency of communication between teachers and students. Students’ reaction to the new technology curriculum can get to know from the number of registration, each semester is almost the largest number of design team. Students consider that the teachers and equipments is great help to extend their learning perspective.

Graduate students in computer-aided design application has been a positive response, confirm that the proper direction and effort of all teacher.


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