Kung-Jen Tu

Kung-Jen Tu



  • Ph.D., School of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA


Research fields

  • Designing for effective real estate operation and management
  • Real estate operation and facility management (public housing, library, office, retail)
  • Building energy management
  • Open building
  • Housing remodeling and industry research



  • Graduate
    • Real estate industry and case study
    • Real estate financial analysis
    • Professional Practice of Facility Management
    • Facility Operation and Maintenance Management
    • Open Building
    • Quantitative Methods for Architecture
  • Undergraduate:
    • Architectural Design
    • Site Planning


Professional Membership and Service

  • Fellow, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors(since 2012)
  • Secretary General, Taiwan Institute of Property Management (TIPM)(since 2010)
  • Member, Asia FM Professional Group, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors(since 2012)
  • Editorial Advisory Board, Facilities (ISSN 0263-2772), Emerald(since 2010)



  1. Tu, K.J (2016). The BEEST-EB Energy Rating Method for Assessing the Energy Efficiency of Existing Buildings. Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, 30 (3), 04015035-1-11 (SCI).
  2. Tu, K.J (2015). Assessing the Energy Efficiencies of Individual Departments within Universities with the ‘DEA Energy Management System’: An Empirical Study. Facilities, 33 (11/12), 716-73.
  3. Tu, K.J and Huang, Y.W. (2013). Predicting the operation and maintenance costs of condominium properties in project planning phase: An artificial neural network approach. International Journal of Civil Engineering, 11 (4), 242-250 (SCI).
  4. Tu, K.J. and Wei, H.Y. (2013). Emerging trends and concepts of mass customization in the housing industry in Taiwan. In P. Piroozfar and F. T. Piller (Eds.), Mass-Customization & Personalization in Architecture and Construction. Routledge: Taylor & Francis Architecture, 141-153.
  5. Tu, K.J. and Lin, C.H. (2012). Benchmarking Energy Efficiency by ‘Space Type’: An energy management tool for individual departments within universities. Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering, 11 (2), 299-306 (SCI).


Research Projects

  • Facility management consultant, Tao-Yuan City Public Library Project(Transcend Engineering Consultants Co.;2016~2019)
  • Facility management consultant, Tao-Yuan City Zhongli Public Housing Project(Sinotech Engineering Consultants / Taipei International Group;2016~2018)
  • EU research project: Holistic and Optimized Life-cycle Integrated SupporT for Energy-Efficient building design and Construction(HOLISTEEC; Seventh Framework Program, European Commission)(2013~2017)
  • Establishing a Development and Strategic Asset Management Model for Public Housing(MOST;2016~2017)
  • Technical integration of building information modeling and facility management systems
    and its application(MOST:2014~2016)
  • Open building implementation in extending the service life of existing apartment buildings (ABRI, 2014)


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