Students awarded Outstanding Technical and Vocational Education Award

【競賽名稱】: 2023 19th Vocational Education Spotlight
【主辦單位】: Ministry of Education

The Vocational Education Spotlight award was established by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China in 2005 to commend outstanding performances of teachers and students in vocational education (including comprehensive senior high schools, technical senior high schools, and technical colleges) participating in international skill competitions. Its aim is to recognize the outstanding achievements of teachers and students, showcase the characteristics and advantages of vocational education, affirm their outstanding achievements, and raise public awareness of vocational education. The motto of the award is “Striving for Excellence in Professional Skills, Letting the World See Us”.

To commend outstanding vocational students, encourage active participation of teachers and students from vocational schools and colleges in international skill competitions, and enhance the willingness of the public to attend vocational schools, the Ministry of Education holds the “Vocational Education Spotlight” award ceremony annually to publicly commend award-winning teachers and students. The Vocational Education Spotlight Award is also known as the “Oscars of the Vocational Field”, and it is divided into “Excellence Award” and “Outstanding Award for Vocational Skills”.

In this edition of Vocational Education Spotlight, a total of 31 groups and 48 individuals were commended. Among them, 9 groups received the “Excellence Award”, which recognizes outstanding performances in international skill competitions, including this year’s “Abilympics 2023” gold medalists who have brought honor to the country; Group 22 received the “Outstanding Award for Vocational Skills”, which recognizes outstanding performers in fields such as international innovation and invention and professional certifications. Deputy Minister of Education, Liu Meng-Chi, stated that through the power of vocational education, teachers and students acquire professional skills in their respective fields, furthering interdisciplinary learning and enhancing their abilities. This guides students to choose suitable paths for themselves, allowing more young people to become integrated talents adaptable to changes in the era, which is what society needs today and is the direction encouraged by the government.

Award:Excellence Award
Awarded Students:周勤超、吳宛璇

  • 2022 WASA World Architecture Student Award: Two-League【World Champion medal】
  • 7th Architecture Master Prize: LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE – Urban Design【Honorable Mention】
    • Project:《RE-INTERWINE – Re-Thinking Beirut Port》

Award: Outstanding Award for Vocational Skills – Certificate Expert
Awarded Student:劉曉曈

  • Senior Examination for Architects – Architect
  • Ministry of the Interior – Architect License

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