MOE SPOSAD Finalists

In 2003, our government promulgated the “Challenge 2008: National Development Key Projects” white paper in response to the emerging globalized and digitalized international competitive model. To address this, the government formulated ten key national projects, among which the “Cultural and Creative Industry Development Plan” is one. This plan is a subset, overseen by the Ministry of Education, focusing on talent training.

MOE Scholarship Program for Overseas Study in Arts and Design (SPOSAD) is an elite cultivation project held in Taiwan since 2005. One of its goals is to breed young students in the field of design industry. Through serial public selection, the program hopes to discover talented young students, and provide them with the opportunity of a 1-year academic and practical training in its overseas partner institutes, which are well-known for their accomplishment in arts and design.

In academic year 2023/24, students from our department participated in SPOSAD with fruitful results. The following students have been included in the list for domestic finalists:

  • 宋品羲:USA Parsons school of Design / UK University College London
  • 黃景鴻:USA Parsons school of Design / UK University College London
  • 洪詠凡:France School of Architecture / UK Cook Haffner Architectur Platform
  • 劉又齊:UK Cook Robotham Architectural Bureau / UK Cook Haffner Architectur Platform

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