OISTAT World Stage Design – 黃鈞祐, 賴翰宇

Competition】: OISTAT國際劇場建築競賽

Organizer】: International Organisation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians

【Link】: https://wsd2021.ca/tac/


Organization Internationale des Scénographes, Techniciens et Architectes de Théâtre, English translation is International Organization of Scenographers, Theater Architects and Technicians, referred to as OISTAT International Theater Organization, founded in 1968 Founded in Prague, Czech Republic, it was mainly used as a communication platform for theater design workers in Eastern and Western Europe. Since the collapse of the Communist Party’s Iron Curtain, it has gradually transformed into a global international organization. At present, OISTAT has 31 member centers, as well as individual members and organizational members, distributed in about 50 countries around the world. OISTAT aims to provide a professional platform that crosses national and geographical boundaries, so that world theater workers can exchange experiences and insights through OISTAT’s international exchange activities, and jointly promote the soundness and development of the international theater industry. Its regular international projects include OISTAT Scenofest, Theater Architecture Competition, and World Stage Design (WSD). Theater Architecture Competition (TAC for short) is an international architectural concept competition, Organized by the Architecture Committee of the OISTAT International Theater Organization, students and emerging architects are invited to participate. The 11th TAC Theater Architecture International Competition will be held simultaneously with WSD World Stage Design. WSD World Stage Design is a project of OISTAT International Theater Organization, focusing on theater design, theater technology and theater architecture. The global event adopts the Olympic model-every four years, and each session is held in a different country and city. WSD encourages theater designers from all over the world to submit works in their own names, which is a grand event in the international theater industry. Due to the epidemic, the WSD originally scheduled for 2021 has been postponed to 2022.

Students:黃鈞祐,  賴翰宇


Awarded:500USD Additional Prize





The design inspiration starts with the natural environment language of the site. The shape of the amphitheater between the environment acts like a lake in the forest. It is a mirror that reflects all of the environment and stories into the stage. Inside the mirror is a mysterious forest, wind flows blow the leaves up just like papers flowing out of the playbook, and stories are dancing with the performers on the stage. Mountains for the roof and scene, it separates the blocks of the theatre, from low to high. Trees, leaves, stories, performers, and the audiences for the interactive installations on the stage that interact with people. All of these build this beautiful natural amphitheater. Our Theater can with its variable acoustics and flexible forestall and orchestra pit, the theatre supports a range of performances, Drama, Opera, Concerts, etc. Because of the Semi-transparent design, the public loop enables the audience to experience theatre production more fully.

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