Summer Architecture Experiential Learning Program 2012

Traveling is the natural experience of life and architecture; it is also a collective memory shaping of a city and a process of learning for a prospective architect. Architecture, city skylines and life itself is something we experience everywhere when traveling, therefore, “Architecture Experiential Learning Program in Taiwan” and “Architecture Experiential Learning Program in Europe” are the two summer courses proudly offered by the Department of Architecture.


1. Architecture Experiential Learning Program in Europe

(Learning of Western Architecture – 3 credits)

Europe is the birthplace of western civilization and artistic culture. The unique charm of European architecture is the combination of both renaissance and modern architectural styles, which has become a model that all architects look up to in learning and building their dream buildings someday. “Architecture Experiential Learning Program in Europe” is scheduled to start early July, and the course includes a trip to Europe to appreciate and experience the beauty of European cities and architecture. A number of European countries are on the itinerary, the students not only get to admire the beauty of classic European architecture, they can also examine the wisdom in modern European buildings in conserving energy and protecting the environment. Two weeks of classes in architectural theory and relevant knowledge is required prior to leaving the country and visiting with the program.

  • Lead Professor: Yi-Ting Chuang
  • Dates: July 2nd ~ 26th (subject to change)
  • Fees: $165,000 NT per person (subject to change) (Dates and fees may change depending on the details of air tickets and hotel reservations)


2. Architecture Experiential Learning Program in Taiwan

  •  (Learning of Taiwanese Architecture – 3 credits)


We hope that all participants of “Architecture Experiential Learning Program in Taiwan” can create shared memories through mutual learning and creation in addition to experiencing the beauty of architecture and self-learning.

We hope that all participants of the program can also describe your thoughts and feelings about this learning journey or about an architectural piece that has touched your heart. You may express your feelings through music, drawing, poetry, essay writing, and videotaping or any other method of your preference. All pieces will be collected and produced into a digital format to share with everyone online.

  • Lead Professor: Yi-Kai Ruan, Ming-Cheng Liao
  • Dates: August 13th ~ 31th (subject to change)
  • Deadline: July 2nd

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