A team of students, Chi-Lin Tan, Ting-Rui Yan, Po-Chao Huang, Yi-Feng Chen, Chi Lee, Ying-Tong Chen, Pei-Ru Wang, Xian-Rong Lin, Huai-Sheng Yang led by professors of architecture, Nai-Chong Shih, Yi-Kuang Shih, Hao-Yang Wei, Yun-Xiang Chiu and instructor Qun-Feng Tai, participated in “The Third Pedestrian Bridge Design Contest” organized by “Taiwan Institute of Steel Construction” and awarded golden award – first place and work of excellence

  • Organizer: Taiwan Institute of Steel Construction
  • Contest: The Third Pedestrian Bridge Design Contest 2011-2012

A city always provides a sense of speed and busyness, and traditional pedestrian bridge has always just been a method connecting point A and point B, but we are trying create more relaxation space and bring a sense of leisure into the city through this design contest in attracting city residents to enjoy the parks and leisurely activities.


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