2023 Architectural Information Technology Application Performance Competition Special Award – 蕭家宥

Competition】:2023 Architectural Information Technology Application Performance Competition

Organizer】: National Association of Architects of the Republic of China

【Link】: https://www.arch.org.tw/News/news_more?id=aa7424cb7a7a48e89261fc606a64cb66


Advisor:Professor Juan Yi-Kai

Awarded:Special Award


In the four-year education of architecture or construction, students rarely visit the construction site and take courses on the construction process and safety, and even after interning in the office, they still have the opportunity to not know what the construction site environment is like. In recent years, there has been a large shortage of construction-related workers on the construction site. In order to promote their related education, in addition to the basics provided by the traditional classroom, game-based learning is also one of the innovative teaching modes, which has achieved practical results in various education fields. We believe that educational games can also be used in architectural education.

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