Architectural Design: Paper Pavilion

Course Title: Architectural Design

NTUST – Architectural Design (I) Class B_Unit 3: Physical Interpretation 1:1 Paper Construction Course Documentary

The course aims to enable first-year students to grasp the architectural practice process from design to construction. It expands students’ training from small-scale models gradually to 1:1 physical construction, addressing the neglect of previous experiences in body-based creation and the lack of experience in construction creation.

The course focuses on three-dimensional space, material awareness, human scale and behavioral activities, parametric digital thinking logic, sustainability issues, and teamwork training.

By actively engaging in operations in the surrounding campus community and participating in dialogues with local residents, students reconstruct their relationship with the real environment and develop the ability to solve practical problems. The goal is to cultivate professionals with a sense of sustainability and a commitment to university social responsibility.

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