Environmental Control Lab of Architecture

Architecture & Thermal Environment

People spend the most time indoors, so naturally, the environment of the indoor space has huge impact on us. The indoor temperature and quality of air are the most important elements to maintain a pleasant indoor space, and it is best controlled using the combination of economical and reasonable methods to increase the circulation of hot and cold air for gradual improvement and maintenance. A variety of computer simulation analyses are implemented in the laboratory to research the thermal environmental factors of the four seasons, and propose architectural designs with fundamental improvements.


Architecture and Sound Environment

In terms of architecture acoustics, deficiencies can be found in many concert halls and indoor music venues. Whether it is the preference of the designers or the business owners, noise seems to be a reoccurring problem in many indoor concert halls, and we must depend on the ability of good acoustics researchers and designers to resolve this issue. Through computer simulation analyses, lab measurements and acoustic scale model, a number of testing and analyses on acoustic design have been done and entered the final stages of testing, completion and certification. 

  • Architectural acoustics and hall design
  • The search of acoustic scale model and traditional Chinese performance venue
  • Acoustic consideration and design of surround sound effect in the concert halls
  • Sustainable technology and green building design
  • Natural ventilation system and the performance of the cold room
  • The application of heat pump source and air conditioning system

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