ETAC – Environmental Technology in Architecture Research Center

There is only one earth, and the resources on earth are also limited. We can only bring forth disasters fighting against nature because the survival of humanity is closely related to the environment on earth. 

From the prospective of architectural design, safety, comfort, health and convenience are the elements that humans have long desired after in our lifestyles, and these probably are not going to change in the future; therefore, facing the world trend of hi-tech development, new concepts and methods must be incorporated in ecology, environmental protection, energy conservation, greenery and local conditions, as well as partnerships and sustainability.

These are all the challenges we face in the field architecture today. An updated definition of architectural technique and environmental technology is needed for modern architectural technique no longer focuses only on machinery and equipment. Taiwan is an island country with limited resources; therefore, it is even more important for us to establish accurate modern architectural technique and concept to comply with the trend of the world.

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