IP address application in the Department of Architecture

IP addresses application is categorized by graduate program and doctoral program

  • IP addresses are allocated based on the estimated current and future needs for each research institute. Each research institute is responsible for their own IP addresses. It is required to apply for the addition or the removal of an IP address for a new student and a graduating student respectively.
  • IP addresses are allocated for undergraduate program students for each semester, and all additions and removals are done prior to the end of the semester.

In accordance of computer center traffic management, the following information needs to be submitted in the application of IP addresses:

  • Name
  • School year and class
  • Network Card Number
  • Phone Number
  • Email address

There are two ways to submit the application for your convenience:

  • Carefully check and submit the above information to the Department of Architecture.
  • The above information can also be submitted through email outside the office hours. Your application will be processed upon receipt.

The system at the computer center will process the changes and updates of IP addresses and network cards four times every hour at the 13th minute, the 28th minute, the 43rd minute and the 58th minute. If the IP address is still not valid after 30 minutes, please check whether the IP address and the network card number are correct or have been suspended first.

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