The internship practices for the students of Architecture at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

  • In order to increase students’ knowledge of actual practices in Architecture, students must complete a “30-day internship” in the summer or winter vacation after their sophomore year, and before graduating.
  • Teaching supervisor of Department of Architecture will act as the “Internship” counselor, and be responsible for organizing all relevant matters in regards to the internship. It is also the counselor’s responsibility to organize annual internship seminars. Content of the seminar should include but not limited to all relevant regulations, safety, attitude,        appearance as well as punctuality.
  • Department of Architecture professors should provide guidance to students to complete the “internship”, and comply with any projects assigned by the “internship” instructors prior to graduation.
  • Before doing the “internship”, students must fill out an application form and turn it in before the final of that semester for counselor’s review before taking it to the internship instructor for collection. All participating students must deliver an evaluation form to the supervisor at the participating organization and get in the habit of writing a daily journal.
  • The period of the “internship” should start at the beginning of either summer or winter vacation, and ends on the day before the beginning of the next semester. Each internship period must be at least 15 days consecutively (excluding weekends and holidays).
  • This internship is for school credits only, however, monetary reward is allowed shall the organization feels appropriate.
  • Upon completion of the internship, students should make their evaluation forms,           daily journal and reports into a compilation and turn them in to the counselor within two        weeks of the new semester.
  • The internship credit is calculated based on the evaluation of the participating organization (50%) and the written report (50%). If the grade received from the participating organization is not at least 60%, then the report becomes illegitimate, and the internship invalid, and the student should apply for a new internship with another participating organization.
  • Students must comply with all regulations and instructions of the participating organization during the internship. The participating organization reserves the right to report to school shall there be any misconduct or behaviors that damage the school reputation.

This practice has been implemented with the approval of Department of Architecture    Admission Affairs.

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