Students of Prof. Juan Yi-Kai achieves silver in 2018 全國大專院校學生創意與創業競賽

Competition: 2018年「全國大專院校學生創意與創業競賽」



Encouraging creative thinking in students through practical applications. The competition aims to assist students in finding their method of operation for achieving their dreams. With cooperation from the industry and a fair and transparent process, students are not only trained to think creatively in practical applications, they’re also being trained to become a professional. This year main focus is on creativity and pioneering a startup.


Taiwan Tech Department of Architecture 紀昊昀、潘建廷、王寶成、林芷柔

Taiwan Tech Department of Computer Science 王齊

NTU Department of Finance 邱正凱

AdvisorProf. Juan, Yi-Kai


TeamSwirl Studio 鳴門設計




Topic「Smart Communications」 VR/AR Applications


Attempting a new method of communication, the team utilizes technology skills, architectural profession and VR/AR technology to create a new and effective method of communications based on virtual and real-life elements.

We aim to bring the virtual into experience for the consumers.

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