Students passes both stages of U-start Plan for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Competition name2018 Ministry of Education 「U-start Plan for Innovation and Entrepreneurship」

Organizer : Youth Development Administration

About :

The U-start Plan for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (“U-start Plan”) is the first campus entrepreneurship angel funds plan in Taiwan. It works in combination with the incubation and innovation resources of colleges and universities. As of now, this plan has assisted more than 1,000 youth entrepreneurial teams in realizing their dreams of starting businesses. The U-start Plan drive a variety of flourishing entrepreneurial motivations in campus.


To promote campus innovation and entrepreneurship culture and inspire students’ passion for creativity, and provide opportunities for them to realize their dreams and start their own businesses.



Prof. Yi-Kau Juan, Department of Architecture
Assistant Prof. Da-Yuan Huang, Department of Computer Science

TeamSwirl Studio 鳴門設計


Taiwan Tech Architecture Master students 潘建廷、紀昊昀、 Computer Science Master student 王齊 and NTU Finance Master student 邱正凱 co-founded 「SwirlStudio鳴門設計」, focused on providing VR architectural services, creating VR from 2D and 3D models, allowing clients to get a better understanding of the architectural designs.

Solving common issues in the architectural industry, helping clients establish custom sensory experience solutions.

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